How is big data helpful for people and businesses?

All kind of data is useful for companies since they are able to understand and direct their customers as much as data is acquired. The main purpose of the business is that. Understand  customers so that you can make them happy, keep them alive in the company border. The only communication then is the data provided by all those people. They hire data analysis people and try to uncover some unknowns.

Why big data contrived so much interest at the moment. Because large amount data is suitable utility to solve intricate problems with simple solutions. They buy a couple hundred of data centers and process all those stream of data concurrently via simple algorithms. They are able to end up very promising predictions and inferences with this setting, about the customer behaviour, business environments, current trends, possible new excitetments.

In the people’s perspective, grandiosity of the data provides better experience to the tools and the products, devises better communication with the companies. However the bad side is, someone just trick you with the information that he gain from that big data. He might employ your expectations or the view about anything. Just like the case of Social Media. Here is a TED talk about the “Bubbling of the Internet and Social Media” .



This idea is acceptable since as you provide more data you also show some of the fallacies of your psychological character therefore those companies know how to cheat about you.

To cut it short, big data not for the people but the companies, especially the big ones.