Firefox add-ons for your secure internet

Albeit internet is a one of the most influential data resource with smiling face,  it is also a whirlpool that tries to catch all your data from your computer to benefit some companies, hackers and others. Thus it is really a big need to keep your computer and the browser with secure setup as a gate to the cyberworld. For this aim, I try to point some extensions to your Firefox browser. Some will stop the hackers and some will stop the companies watching your private data for having more money sourcing by you.

Tor open source project comes with various good stuff can be used for more secure internet. I strongly suggest you to use its Firefox distribution that comes with extensions keep your browser tight against people might be watching your internet flow or the hackers try to get some information with some hack tricks. Beside its extension, Tor browser works on the tor network. It can hide your ip and give different ip to your connection. In addition you can visit banned web sites. For more info ….

   HttpsFinder force browser to use Https connection (if it is available) to the website you visit. Using Https you encrypt your data flow between the website and your computer so any people watching your network cannot see your data by catching your data packets.  If you want to learn more?…

NoScript check the active content on the website and allow it if it is the one you trust. In that way it protect you from some hacker tricks like XSS and Clickjacking. You might see not important but if you read this you understand the vitality.

Do not track me is a tool that restricts the sites to following you with share and like buttons. Facebook, Twitter and Google like websites use such buttons to acquire your internet actions. You actually do not need to click on them. It is enough to load the website that includes the like buttons. The scripts that are loaded by the buttons have the requiring job done with the page load. Do not track me get into action at that step and stop their script. For more info…

Addition to my writing, here is a TED video that is about the “Bubbling” the web around us by the major web companies like Google, facebook and others.