Let's start with JavaScript.(click to see all)

JavaScript is a script language to add more professional functionality and appearance to your webpage. Some of people think that JavaScript is related to a application programing language Java but they are not. JavaScript is developed by Netscape and supported by all major browsers today.

And start as all programming exercises with writing a “hello world” script.

Up to line 6 there are usual XHTML beginning tags as you realize.

Real excitement is starting with the line 6 it includes “script” tag that
indicates the beginning of the script then we have ” ” comment tag for HTML. We have no “//” before “<!–” since it is also single line comment delimiter. Finally close your script.

We add our script to head section of our HTML to be executed before body part of HTML but it is also possible to use your script in body part of your html and we’ll see how to use in such way but be patient :).

to copy pase!!

First tutorial of JavaScript</title><br /><script type="text/javascript"><br /><!-- <br />document.writeln(" <h1> Hello World, This is Eren Golge! </h1>");<br />//--><br /></script><br />

download the example page