aka Markdown editor with AI.


To access the AI options, simply right-click anywhere in the editor.

AI Command Menu

The menu will then appear, providing you with a range of choices:

  • Autocomplete: Autocompletes the selected text.
  • Make It Fluent: Makes the selected text fluent.
  • Paraphrase: Paraphrases the selected text.
  • Correct Spelling: Corrects the spelling of the selected text.

Ask AI to do anything

  1. (Optional) Select a text.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+P
  3. Type your command and press Enter.


The editor is equipped with a convenient toolbar that becomes visible when you hover your mouse at the top. In addition to the classic editor options, it also offers a few additional features:

  • Preview: Toggle the preview pane.
  • Save: Save the text to local storage, so you can continue writing next time.
  • Load: Load the text from local storage.
  • Download: Download the text as a .md file.
  • Upload: Upload a .md file to the editor.
  • Help: Show this help dialog.


  • ME-AI does not retain any of your data including your API key.
  • ME_AI requires you to enter an OpenAI API key to use the AI functions.
  • 🤖 is a fully local. There is no server in the background.
  • If no text selected, 🤖 will try to update the last paragraph.
  • The editor automatically saves the current content to local storage every minute, allowing you to conveniently resume your work later.