Topcoder SRM 246 Div1 250points question

My silly solution for that question:

Problem Statement

The problem statement contains the unicode symbols.
You are developing a new software calculator. A very important feature is the auto-placing of the ? value by one click. The only problem is that you don’t know the required precision. That’s why you decided to write a program that can return ? with any reasonable precision.
You are given an int precision. You should return the ? value with exactly precision digits after the decimal point. The last digit(s) should be rounded according to the standard rounding rules (less than five round down, more than or equal to five round up).
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.htaccess – basic 11 mission on

This mission is about the settings on Apache server by .htaccess file that defines the files and the directories are available and visible to the external visitors. You might see more info about .htaccess.

Now when you open the mission you will se some song names going around for each refresh. Search the musics on google and you notice that all the songs are related to Elton John. Is this a coincidence. I don’t thin so :).  In addition if you look the forum on hackthissite about the mission they give some clues. By depending on these tips try to go /e/l/t/o/n url added to main address of the page. You see that there is no file there after /n. So it is time to see the htaccess file. By the assumption of we have the file here, type …/.htaccess to the url. You will see that two of file is prevented to be shown on file three but we can actually see them. One of the file is DaAnswer. Delete /.htaccess and type /DaAnswer. It says something tricky. “… answer is —- …”. The answer is lying there —- part. Copy the word lying instead of —- and go back to /mission/11/index.php and type this word as a password then you pass the mission.


Enjoy 🙂


Cookie Hacking – hactkhissite basic10 –

This exercise of hacthissite is about cookie manipulation. When you open the exercise page it’ll insert into your system a cookie that says “User is not authorized”.So if you’re working on firefox you might use the add-on  “Cookies Manager +” to edit the content of any cookie.

Now open the Cookies Manager from tools menu. Search for the “hackthissite” domain. You’ll see a cookie that includes “10” inside its domain name. (I plainly too lazy to open it and see the exact name 🙂 ). Find it and open edit on it. You’ll see that it says “no” for authorized. Make it “yes” then refresh the page and push to submit.

Enjoy! 🙂


What is SSI (server Side Includes)? -HackThisSite Basic 8 Solution.-

I am working on the little tricks on and I am learning more and more about the facts of security of a web app. Here now time to discover about the basic 8. It is all about the SSI. You need to know it for to deal with that problem.

SSI is a way of server side scripting and very effective on large scale web pages with tons of content and different contents. It gives you the powers of changing all your pages by just changing a .txt file. For example you might have a quote that is updates on daily basis so you don not need to change the quote on a html editor (that is long run compared to Continue Reading