Some web apps that changes the way of internet usage and develop.

Last days I’ve discovered some web apps that amaze me and I think that they are big candidates to change the internet’s usage.

First one,

IFTTT (entitled by the shorthand of “If This Than That”)give you the chance of automate all the chain reaction you face while using internet. You might create some rules by using some common web apps . For example, IF a specific user from twitter twit something out THAN append his twit to a file in my Dropbox account.

There are lots of other efficient way of using IFTTT with lots of app. In addition you might see others’ RECIPES discover other use cases.

Second one,

GETPOCKET is providing you to keep some content from web for read later by good tagging feature. It works on smart phones and PCs. It keeps the content and give a good interface to see your content later in time.’

Third one,

PARSE is mainly for the developers who develop form iOS, Android or Javacript app. It gives you very good APIs make your develop process really short by providing some features for your app’s backside. Moreover, by using PARSE you don’t worry about server side of your app, even for your database, push messages to your users, login by FACEBOOK and TWITTER features.

PARSE is one the biggest start-ups currently and growing 40% monthly and they propose that will provide some other features with other platform supports. I really suggest you to see the capabilities of PARSE as a computer geek :).