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Anomaly detection and a simple algorithm with probabilistic approach.

What is anomaly detection? It is the way of detecting a outlier data point among the other points that have a some kind of logical distribution.  Outlier one is also anomalous point (Figure 1)

Figure 1

What are the applications?

  •  Fraud user activity detection – it is a way of detecting hacker activities on web applications or network connections by considering varying attributes of the present status. For example , an application can keep track of the user’s inputs to website and the work load that he proposes to system. Considering these current attribute values detection system decide a particular fraud action and kick out the user if there is.
  • Data center monitoring You might be governing a data center with vast amount of computers so it is really hard to check each computer regularly for any flaw. A anomaly detection system might be working by considering network connection parameters of the computers, CPU and Memory Loads, it detect any problem on computer. Continue Reading