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Firefox add-ons for your secure internet

Albeit internet is a one of the most influential data resource with smiling face,  it is also a whirlpool that tries to catch all your data from your computer to benefit some companies, hackers and others. Thus it is really a big need to keep your computer and the browser with secure setup as a gate to the cyberworld. For this aim, I try to point some extensions to your Firefox browser. Some will stop the hackers and some will stop the companies watching your private data for having more money sourcing by you. Continue Reading


3 websites you might see and like!

takes your mood status with a click on a good visual and gives you some music you might like. It works pretty well and in easy manner.

is collecting online videos from various social media resources like Twitter, Facebook and others. You can collect videos into personalized video channel. If you want to see some collection of videos according to your interests, Frequency is just for you.

is read later application that comes with all the tools work with your smart phone or web browser and makes your information search life easier. In addition with its tagging function you might reach your pages and sources after you read with the searching feature.


Some web apps that changes the way of internet usage and develop.

Last days I’ve discovered some web apps that amaze me and I think that they are big candidates to change the internet’s usage.

First one,

IFTTT (entitled by the shorthand of “If This Than That”)give you the chance of automate all the chain reaction you face while using internet. You might create some rules by using some common web apps . For example, IF a specific user from twitter twit something out THAN append his twit to a file in my Dropbox account. Continue Reading